Chrisi was once the chief software engineer in charge of developing the world's first fully autonomous nuclear power plant. The new technology, called ADA (Advanced Decision Architectures), was developed on the promise of making nuclear power 100% safe by eliminating the human error factor. However, for unknown reasons, the software never came out of development and the plant was abandoned. Many years later, Chrisi returns to the plant, maybe to finish what she started.

Chrisi's character is loosely based on the Austrian computer scientist Christiane Floyd, a pioneer of evolutionary participatory software design. ADA is the name of an upcoming short film, shot at AKW Zwentendorf in Austria, 2021.



Jella Jost works as a professional actress, singer and musician more than 35 years: Wiener Festwochen/Schauspielhaus Wien/Jeunesse Wien/Konzerthaus Wien. Last filmworks with Mara Mattuschka „Qvid Tum". Currently she also works at University of Vienna; Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Pedagogic University Austria and Vienna as Lecturer for Voice and Speech. She speaks French, US-english and German. Lives in Vienna and Bad Gastein. She writes feminist essays for the paper Augustin on a regular basis.


Julius Steinberger is an experienced actor known from television series and commercials, including Maiberger, Menschen und Mächte, Die Migrantigen and more.


Written, directed and edited by Anders Khan-Bolin | DOP and Lights: Richard Schweiger | Camera operator: Klaus Taschler | Photographer: Martin Konzett. Produced with kind support from HackFu Austria. Special thanks to Benjamin Swiczinski, Andreas Heydecke, Matthias Ritschl, Clara Reimitz and Juliana Neuhuber.

Second unit (Chrisi F. 1976 clips): Chrisi F. - Lynsey Thurgar. Security Princess - Bert Obernosterer. Nuclear Safety Inspector Sector 7-G - Josef. P. Wagner. Theoretical Physicist - Daniel “Lucky” Lackner. Script by Juliana Neuhuber und Bert Obernosterer. Directed & edited by Juliana Neuhuber. DOP Thomas Weilguny. Make-up by Nora Eglesz. Sound design by Daniel Hasibar. VFX by Josef P. Wagner. VHS Recording by Manfred Motal. Thanks to: Nicolas G. Heimburger, Andreas Heydecke, Eva Pinter, Matthias Ritschl, Norbert Summer, Frederica Summereder, Daniel Wagner-Schönfeld, Nikodemus Wagner, Max Winter.