Austria, 1978: Chrisi is a brilliant software engineer hired to covertly develop a software to control the world's first fully autonomous nuclear power plant, as a way to eliminate future disasters due to the human error factor. Her research was never put to use as the power plant never enters operation. Decades later, as a global war is looming, the government decides to activate the abandoned program. Chrisi is called in. However, it turns out the hibernated AI now has developed a grudge against its creator.

Chrisi's film character is loosely based on the Austrian computer scientist Christiane Floyd, a pioneer of evolutionary participatory software design. ADA is the name of the upcoming short film, shot at AKW Zwentendorf in Austria in 2021.

Principal Cast


Jella Jost works as a professional actress, singer and musician more than 35 years: Wiener Festwochen/Schauspielhaus Wien/Jeunesse Wien/Konzerthaus Wien. Last filmworks with Mara Mattuschka „Qvid Tum". Currently she also works at University of Vienna; Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Pedagogic University Austria and Vienna as Lecturer for Voice and Speech. She speaks French, US-english and German. Lives in Vienna and Bad Gastein. She writes feminist essays for the paper Augustin on a regular basis.


Julius Steiner is an experienced actor known from television series and commercials, including Maiberger, Menschen und Mächte, Die Migrantigen and more.


Written, directed and edited by Anders Khan-Bolin | DOP and Lights: Richard Schweiger | Camera operator:  Klaus Taschler | Photographer: Martin Konzett. Produced with kind support from HackFu Austria. Special thanks to Benjamin Swiczinski, Andreas Heydecke, Matthias Ritschl, Clara Reimitz  and Juliana Neuhuber.

Second unit (Chrisi F. 1976 clips): Chrisi F. - Lynsey Thurgar. Security Princess - Bert Obernosterer. Nuclear Safety Inspector Sector 7-G - Josef. P. Wagner. Theoretical Physicist - Daniel “Lucky” Lackner. Script by Juliana Neuhuber und Bert Obernosterer. Directed & edited by Juliana Neuhuber. DOP Thomas Weilguny. Make-up by Nora Eglesz. Sound design by Daniel Hasibar. VFX by Josef P. Wagner. VHS Recording by Manfred Motal. Thanks to: Nicolas G. Heimburger, Andreas Heydecke, Eva Pinter, Matthias Ritschl, Norbert Summer, Frederica Summereder, Daniel Wagner-Schönfeld, Nikodemus Wagner, Max Winter.